WallPaper PHP Script 1: WallPaper PHP Script - Wallpaper Script is the only image platform that can...

WallPaper PHP Script 1

wallpaper gallery. Wallpaper Script is a complete image gallery solution that lets you collect, organize and share your wallpapers with friends and family. You can upload and access your images at any time from any computer with an Internet connection. Wallpaper Script sets the bar when it comes to wallpaper gallery software, and no other competitor offers as many features as you`ll find in Wallpaper Script. Wallpaper Script is the premium wallpaper

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Wallpaper Wizard 1.2.2: Wallpaper Wizard - private collection of more, than 100 000 wallpapers in HD

Wallpaper Wizard 1.2.2

Wallpaper Wizard - is a wallpaper changer with the unlimited access to the private collection of 100 000+ high resolution wallpapers. Reviews of Wallpaper Wizard: Tech Cores: 10/10 - "Wallpaper Wizard has transformed the way I use wallpapers." http://t.co/YHk2brh Mac.AppStorm.net: 7/10 - "I`ve never seen wallpaper switcher this polished with access to such a large image collection" - http://t.co/Ep0L04w With Wallpaper Wizard you can manually select

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Gaia Wallpaper Desktop Pro 1.21: Wallpaper manager with intelligent desktop management, effects, user profiles.

Gaia Wallpaper Desktop Pro 1.21

wallpaper manager offers intelligent desktop management, cool wallpaper effects and user profiles with themes. Customize your wallpapers per category. User-friendly interface with personalized advanced features. Enhance your desktop by adding life to your wallpapers. It resizes your wallpapers intelligently, whatever your screen resolution and the dimensions of your wallpapers. Also, it perfectly fits your wallpaper into your screen in a way which

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Wallpaper Slideshow LT 1.5.1: Powerful and easy-to-use wallpaper changer

Wallpaper Slideshow LT 1.5.1

Wallpaper Slideshow is a great utility for displaying your favorite photos as desktop wallpaper. Wallpaper Slideshow offers you complete control on your wallpapers collection and allows you to easily set your favorite images (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP) as desktop wallpaper. Wallpaper Slideshow is simple to use, intuitive and complete with full context-sensitive help. Multi monitor support, it can display a different wallpaper on each monitor.

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Wallpaper Mate 1.07: Automatically change your wallpaper from a list. Organize your wallpapers.

Wallpaper Mate 1.07

Do you get tired of the same old wallpaper and don`t like the hassle of changing it every time? Do you wish there was a way to have your wallpaper automatically change at regular times? Now there is! Wallpaper Mate is a wallpaper changer that will let you keep your desktop interesting and fresh by allowing you to select a large collection of your favorite wallpapers and it will automatically switch between them at the interval of your choice.

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Stardust Wallpaper Packager 2003 Easily convert images into self-installing wallpaper files

Stardust Wallpaper Packager 2003

Wallpaper Packager will create a copy of your image in Windows wallpaper format, then package it into a self-extracting executable. You can optionally set wallpaper position and background color options, and your wallpaper package will apply those options when it installs your wallpaper. One of Wallpaper Packager`s most powerful features is the ability to create wallpaper add-ons for Stardust Screen Saver Toolkit 2003. This lets you create screen


PSP Wallpaper Maker 1.0: free tool to make your favorite wallpaper for your PSP within a minute

PSP Wallpaper Maker 1.0

Wallpaper Maker is one freeware to create wallpaper for PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game console. With PSP Wallpaper Maker, you can create your favorite wallpaper within a minute, import your own images, pictures or photo, you can use some easy-to-use enhancement tools to customize your image, then save as PSP wallpaper and upload to your PSP. It is easy tool to help you personalize your PSP by yourself. PSP Wallpaper Maker support image


Automatic Wallpaper Changer 1.0.0: Keep your desktop always fresh with new daily wallpapers.

Automatic Wallpaper Changer 1.0.0

Wallpaper changer you can keep your desktop always fresh with daily new wallpapers that are downloaded automatically. Just choose your favourite wallpapers categories and `Automatic Wallpapers Changer` will keep downloading new wallpapers for you every day or every the period you specify. Automatic Wallpapers Changers has much more features: Compatible with windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. And completely safe to install. The software size is

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Kiwi Random Wallpaper 2.0.0: Get wallpapers from a huge Internet wallpaper database automatically.

Kiwi Random Wallpaper 2.0.0

Kiwi Random Wallpaper is a small application that enables you to change your wallpapers regularly from a huge wallpaper database from the Internet. We have joined forces with WallpaperVortex.com, a big online wallpaper provider, to eliminate the need to surf online in search for an optimal picture. All you need to do is select a wallpaper category (or all) and get a random picture for your desktop. You can even set an interval for auto change.

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EvJO Wallpaper Changer 3.1: Wallpaper manager

EvJO Wallpaper Changer 3.1

wallpapers at Windows startup - Hides your desktop icons to see more of your wallpaper - It can be minimized to tray area for easy access - Stores multiple wallpaper`s list - Changes the wallpaper when Windows starts, every x minutes - Changes the wallpaper under the order or randomly - Change wallpapers within the time interval - Change wallpapers using hotkeys - Changes the wallpaper when Sunset - Changes the wallpaper when Sinrise - Place a calendar

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